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Sumy State University


The Sumy State University was established in 1948. Presently, SSU is one of the leading higher educationinstitutions of a classical type with III-IV accreditation level in the region. It is located in Sumy city, in North-East of Ukraine.

This institution is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It takes the 3rd place among "classical universities" of Ukraine.

SSU offers courses and programs in Medicine (MBBS) Engineering, IT and humanities from bachelor to post-doctoral degree. More than 16,000+ students are pursuing higher education such as pre-bachelor, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

Among them are about 1,400+ foreign students from almost 60 countries of the world, including Western Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa are studying at Sumy State University.

To make International students journey easy in studies the Preparatory Department at SSU offers Ukrainian and Russian language courses. Whereas the major courses such as Medicine (MBBS), Computer Science and Management are taught in English.

SSU also provides facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sport facilities scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs.

Sumy State University (SSU) – Top University for Medicine, Computer Science and Management in Ukraine
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    Duration of the Courses Bachelor's Degree programs- 4 years
    Master's Degree programs- 1.5-2 years

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    Tuition Fees For Bachelor's courses- $ 4300 USD

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    Languages. English

Undergraduate Courses / Bachelor's Degree Programs

Study Bachelor of International Business (BIB)- Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

The program in international business exposes students to laws, regulations and business practices that is essential for work in international business, trade and finance.

The specific objective of International business program is to develop an understanding of analytical, management and quantitative skills required to excel in international business relations.

The bachelor's degree program in international business prepares students to become successful professionals in multinational corporations. It provides students first with a foundation in basic concepts of international finance, trade relations, marketing and management. The core courses including International trade policies and practices, Micro and macroeconomics, International trade laws, Global business environment, logistics, Psychology, Public speaking and International transportation.

Study Under Graduate Courses in Bachelor of International Business (BIB) in Ukraine

Study Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)- Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

The Bachelor of business administration prepares students for leadership roles in organizations and businesses. Through BBA courses, students can gain knowledge of business practices and processes; understanding of communications, managerial, quantitative reasoning, business analysis skills and also, withpractical management training to successfully work within aninternational organizations.

The core topics usually include: business and management principles, business law and ethics, economics, operations management, financial management and strategic management.

BBA program allow students to specialize in a particular areas, including human resource management, international business, economics, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, legal management, public sector and government administration management, information technology, finance, real estate and accounting.

Study Under Graduate Courses in Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)in Ukraine

Study Bachelor of Management & Organizational Studies (BMOS)- Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

A bachelor of management and organisational studies programenables students to acquire skills and competencies that help them in business practices.It introduces students to basic concepts in organisational behavior, finance, marketing, operations, business law, human resources management and strategic management.

This course major including, Accounting principles and Management theory, Information technology management, microeconomics, organizational theory and statistics. Students also study communications skills which enable students to effectively communicate in the workplace and build strong capabilities to adapt the changing business environments.

Study Under Graduate Courses in Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) in Ukraine

Study Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE)- Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program combines fields of computer science and electrical engineering for developing computer systems. Students are prepared to evaluate systems and design efficient IT solutions. They acquire training in designing individual microprocessors, personal computers, operating systems, circuit design and also get to explore the field of robotics research.

A 4-years BS in Computer Engineering program combines theoretical knowledge with practical training, and as well as help students in developing technical skills needed for the field.

Study Under Graduate Courses in Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) in Ukraine

Study Bachelor of Informatics- Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

A bachelor of Informatics is a branch of information engineering. In the B.S. in Informatics program enables students to understand the information and communication technology issues. Studentslearn logical reasoning, basic programming, human-computer interaction design and other skills to create a better way to interact with technology.

The core topics usually include disciplines of computer science, communication studies, statistics, information systems, information technology, etc.

Study Under Graduate Courses Bachelor of Informatics (B.S. in Informatics) in Ukraine

Postgraduate Courses / Master's Degree Programs.

Study Masters in Business Administration (MBA)- Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides comprehensive training in several important business disciplines including economics, human resources, marketing and business policy.

In MBA program, students can usually choose an area of business specialization, such as operations management, human resources, marketing, accounting, and financial management.

Study Post Graduate Courses in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Ukraine

Study Environmental & Natural Resource Economics - Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

M.Sc. in Environment and Natural Resource Economics degree program combines natural sciences with economics, law, and other social sciences.The program prepares students in the fields of energy and natural resource development. It gives an opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems.

Through M.Sc. courses, students can gain knowledge ineconomic theory and how tooperate an economy within the ecological constraints of earth's natural resources.

Study Post Graduate Courses in M.Sc. in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics in Ukraine

Key Facts - Sumy State University (SSU), Ukraine

    According to the worldwide Internet rating Webometrics SSU takes 3rd position among Ukrainian institutes of higher education (in January, 2017).200 teachers, among them 25 doctors of sciences, 150 candidates of sciences, including Honored educational workers of Ukraine, laureates of State prize of Ukraine perform educational, scientific, clinical and upbringing work at 17 medical departments and 7 general departments of Sumy State University. Medical Institute provides high-quality education to foreign students who are looking for quality education at affordable course fees.

Tuition Fees - Sumy State University

Tuition Fee

$ 4300

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and Awards

The Sumy State University had been accredited with the 4th level of Education of Ukraine.The university has always established its spot in the consolidated ranking among the top 10 medical universities of Ukraine.

Admission Requirements


  • Copy of the educational documents of intermediate education
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate and it's copy
  • Filled application  form


The Sumy State University offers the education in the English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.

Established in 2003 by Ministry of
Education and Science, the Ukrainian State.