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Poltava University of Economics and Trade


Poltava University of Economics and Trade offers courses for the fields of Accounting, auditing, Economics, Management, Commodity research, expertise in customs, finance and many more lucrative fields of study.

The PUET was awarded the fourth level of accreditation by SAC of Ukraine. Presently, 2500 students are attaining world class education from this premium educational institution. These students belong to countries such as Germany, China, Turkey, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Russia and of course Ukraine. The incomparable teaching staff of PUET comprises of 58 Doctors of Sciences and Professors and 270 candidates of sciences and Associate professors.

The Poltava University of Economics and Trade boasts of ISO certification from IQNet and also of the certification from DQS GmbH. They have an amazing well equipped library with more than 400000 printed books as well as more than 1500 electronic books. The said literature is on vast variety of subjects ranging from Innovative Information Technology to Quality Management to Foreign Economic Activity.

According to MES of Ukraine, the University stands among the top ten universities of Ukraine. The structure of PUET comprises of four dormitories, 38 multimedia rooms, 35 computer classes, and a sports complex other than the education wing.

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    Duration of Courses Undergraduate Courses 4 years
    Post Graduate Courses - 2 years

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    Tuition FeesFor Medicine: $ 5000

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    Languages. English

Undergraduate Courses / Bachelor's Degree Programs

International Economic Relations

International Economic Relations pertain to relations between different countries regarding their economic policies. PUET enables students to gain practical knowledge of the subject, as International economic relations play an important role in the growth of economies across the world. For economic relations between nations to be successful, a number of conditions need to be fulfilled. Unrestricted movement of goods and services, flow of capital, mobility of workforce, and reduction of regulatory obstacles need to be ensured for successful economic relations.

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Accounting and Taxation

The Poltava University of Economics and Trade educational program “Accounting and Taxation” helps students with the forming of economic, financial and non-financial information to be used for effective administration and management

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Finance, Banking and Insurance

The education program of PUET “Finance, Banking and Insurance” enables training of competent professionals with theoretical and practical skills to apply effectively in the real world environment in the process of formation and use of financial resources of public, private and corporate finance field, banking, insurance, investment activities, management of investment portfolios, etc.

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Bachelor and Master of Business Administration (BBA & MBA)

Business Administration is the lucrative field of the study provided by Poltava University of Economics and Trade. This course readies its students for practical implementation of bookish principles for the management of business.

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Computer Science and Information Technology (CS & IT)e

Computer Sciences and Information Technology (CS & IT) is growing field of study thanks to technology environment. This course is a perfect opportunity for International students to study it in Ukraine in English. CS & IT course makes you flexible and enables you to acquire as much qualifications and skills as possible. Starting with foundation course helps strengthen your technical knowledge.

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Key Facts

  • Also Known As: PUET
  • Estd: 1961
  • Accreditation: 4th Level
  • Accredited and Recognized by: SAC of Ukraine
  • University Quality Certificates:  ISO 9001:2008
  • Google Rating: 4.7
  • Located in: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • No. of Students: 2500
  • Total Faculty in University:  600+
  • All Facilities are available, such as Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel, Library, Cafeteria, IT infrastructure, Sports, Gym, and more.  

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Fee Structure – 1st Year Medicine Courses Fees

Tuition Fee

$ 2500

Hostel Fee

$ 750

Health Insurance & Medical Checkup

$ 150

Other Expenditure (It includes invitation letter fee, admission fee, health insurance, airport pickup, registration fee and temporary resident permit fee.)

$ 1600

Total Fees to pay in 1st Year

$ 5000

and Awards

Poltava University of Economics and Trade is awarded with 4th level degree of accreditation, highest possible in Ukraine by the SAC of Ukraine.

Admission Requirements


  • Dually Filled University Application Form
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of passport
  • A health certificate showing the non-occurrence of HIV/AIDS
  • 10 photograph (60*40 mm)


The courses in the Poltava University of Economics and Trade are offered in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Established in 2003 by Ministry of
Education and Science, the Ukrainian State.