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Economics and Commerce Courses

Commerce is a subject of study which encompasses trade, and business activities. Anything and everything to make a business successful fall under the scope of this subject. Interested students can study the subjects like, international finance, hotel & restaurant management, business management, business administration, accounting and audits, economic cybernetics etc.

All the above mentioned subjects and more can be studied in Ukraine at very nominal fees and that too in three languages, namely, English, Russian and Ukrainian. State of the art infrastructure and best teachers make it an experience which is unforgettable and rewarding. Also the courses cater to make a great learning environment.

  • Finance: Finance can be a good choice after completing a course in commerce.
  • Banking: Banking sector is always looking for commerce graduates to fill in their positions.
  • Chartered Accountancy: Chartered Accountancy is a lucrative career option open to commerce students.
  • Company Secretary: Commerce students can also opt for being a company secretary.
  • Insurance: Insurance is a promising field for commerce and economics graduate.
  • Foreign Trade: Foreign trade field can be the answer to your what to do after you graduate question.
  • Stock Broking & Investment Analyst: Stock broking & Investment analyst is one of the fields a graduate student can try to pursue.

Economics & Commerce Courses to Study in Ukraine

  • International Economics and Tourism
  • International Economics
  • International Economic Relations
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance

Education Level of Study in Ukraine

  • Bachelor Degree and Programs (Undergraduate Degree)
  • Master Degree and Programs (Postgraduate Degree)

Course Duration of the Study in Ukraine


  • Bachelor Degree and Programs (Undergraduate Degree) – 4 years
  • Master Degree and Programs (Postgraduate Degree) – 1.5 – 2 years

Languages of the Study in Ukraine

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

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