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Originated in 17th century,
Enlightening curious minds by providing top notch education.

Famous for its systematic learning and student friendly model, the universities here provides vast amount of opportunity for both practical and research in education.

Established in 2003 by Ministry of Education and Science, the Ukrainian State Center for International Education encourages the foreign students to enroll in the plethora of education opportunities in Ukraine.

The center represents the Ministry of Education and Science; it acts as a partnership with higher education institutes of Ukraine, Government authorities of Ukraine, Ukraine's diplomatic missions abroad and all the embassies of the foreign countries in Ukraine.

Social Life.

An active social life is the part of the curriculum for the students in Ukraine. Meeting people and students from various cultures open the student's mind beyond text book knowledge. It hones the people skills, presentation skill of a student. Student unions encourages student to active participate in various cultural festivals to broaden their horizons and expand their soft skills.

Student communities organize various contests, activities and festivals for the direct engagement of the foreign students. For the brainy and the geeks, science conferences are organized every year to submit their research and build upon their thesis.


For the physical and mental development of students, Ukraine has vast amount of sports ranging from football to chess, cricket to billiards, volleyball to hockey. Many colleges in Ukraine have active gyms and playing yards. Students engage in active competition to excel themselves in the field.

Sports tournaments are held annually in all over the Ukraine. Hosted the Euro in 2012, Ukraine becomes the hub for the sports enthusiastic and professionals alike. In every nooks and corners of the city, you will find gyms with the best equipments at an affordable price. Students can use the experience of the mentors to build their sports skills. For dedicated sports enthusiasts and participants, discounts are provided by the sports organization.


Famous for its beautiful scenery and historical monuments, Ukraine attracts many tourists every year. You will find here the museums with deep cultural roots, parks with serene flora and fauna and building with breathtaking architectures and designs.<

You can take a stroll in the city or hop on a bus to visit the famous cultural and traditional places in Ukraine. The city is safe to travel with the lowest crime and friendly citizens of the county.


Apart from its natural beauty, Ukraine is also famous for its buildings, café and active night life. The largest cities of Ukraine are Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv. They have delicious cuisines and aesthetic culture in every part of the city.

Museums make Ukraine a fantastic destination for its visitors. It has some of the world's most significant museums devoted to the culture and tradition of the country. The calligraphy and the architecture make it soothing to the eyes to visit these museums. The country also hosts many festivals related to fashion, food, music, wine and culture.

Apart from its buildings, the natural scenery is a must visit for every traveler in Ukraine. The water, mountains, forests and weather makes the journey of every visitor a true delight. The country witnesses many footfalls every year and in famous for the tourists spots among the travelers and students alike.

In Ukraine the folk dance and theater is popular among the students. The country hosts many significant festivals which has the active participation from the people across all over the world. You can also get a student discount here to enjoy the culture fully. Understanding the culture of the country expands one's horizon about self and others as it opens the mind and education beyond text books.



In the past decade, Ukraine attracts majority of the visitors. The reason for the curiosity in the crowd is the emergence of many new festivals in the city. The most popular festivals are jazz, food, music, theater and dance.



One of the best places to spend the holidays with family, Ukraine gets lighten up on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. At these events and many more, you can taste delicious food and participate in the programmers organized by the local people. They celebrate the holidays whole heartedly and the locals encourages the foreigners to active participate in the festivals to never let a dull moment surround among them.



Not only the students can participate in the festivals of the Ukraine but they can also take a day off and engage the locals familiarizing them to their own cultures and festivals. It is an active practice among the Ukraine universities to host festivals where the foreign exchange students can collaborate together and teach students from other countries about their own traditions and culture.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is pretty affordable and cost effective for the students in the Ukraine.


Local transport is the most preferable way for the visitors to travel from one part to another.
One way ticket costs $0.17 where as the monthly pass costs $8.69 per person. Other form of public transport is Taxi which runs on the meter and the normal tariff costs $1.34.

Utilities (Monthly)

You can use prepaid mobile phones to communicate with your loved ones. One minute of local prepaid tariff costs $ 0.03 only. The internet speed is great in Ukraine with cheap cost. You will get 10mbps unlimited data for a month for a price of $3.52.

Sports and Leisure

Fitness is a bid fad among the students in Ukraine. Many gyms give discounts to the students.
The monthly fees of a gym are $15.58 while to exercise one's body on the tennis court will cost them $7.86/ hour. You can visit cinema for relaxation purpose for the price of $3.05 per ticket.


Meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you $4.26. In a mid range restaurant, the cost for meal for two people is $16.75. Students can enjoy mcmeals at McDonalds at $2.51. Half liter water bottle will cost you $0.30 whereas the price of the regular Cappuccino is $0.82.


Local markets are the best places for food shopping. A bottle of 1 litter milk will cost $0.56. You can buy 500 g white bread for $0.32. Dozen eggs will cost you $1.01. The charge for 1KG cheese is $4.15 where as 1KG of beef will cost you $3.77.
Fruits and vegetables are also available at reasonable prices. Price of 1 KG apples is $0.78 where as to buy 1KG bananas you have to pay $1.28. Tomatoes can be bought at $1.29 where as 1KG white rice costs you $0.99.

Rent per month

You can get a 1 bedroom apartment in the city center for the price of $288.15. The cost of an apartment outside city center is relatively cheaper and you have to pay $173.17 to rent one bedroom apartment there.
If you want to take a 3 bedroom apartment in the city center, you have to pay $561.64 where as outside city center the price for the 3 bedroom apartment is $329.73.

International students in Ukraine

Ukraine is an educational hub
for the international students.

Each year, students from the sub continents travel here to study. From 146 countries, 64066 students visit Ukraine to enroll in the universities.

The top countries from which students migrate to Ukraine are Azerbaijan, India, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Georgia, Nigeria, Jordon, Uzbekistan, China and Egypt.

Only 38 percentages of students are from post soviet counties where as students from other nations consist of 62 percentages.

The growths of Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions with international students studying here are increasing every year. From 185 institutions in 2015-16 to 228 institutions in 2016-17, Ukraine has become an educational hub for the international students.

Established in 2003 by Ministry of
Education and Science, the Ukrainian State.